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Still experiencing symptoms, but not hungry?

I've felt like this ever since I began recovery in 2015 (I'm still not quite there) but I am TRULY not super hungry. I eat comparatively few calories per day and it completely fills me up; even if I exercise on top of it. I'm also still experiencing frequent cold, muscle and stomach aching, and hypotension, but I can't eat as much as I used to without feeling extremely bloated.
Do I just need consistently try to eat more? Technically, I'm at an ok weight. Any encouragement for how I can get this feeling to go away?
Thank you!
- A


Hi, welcome to the forums! I'm glad you posted. :) Congratulations on two years of working towards recovery! That's amazing. I can't tell you for sure, because I'm not a medical professional, but I specifically remember the bloating and being cold sticking around even when I felt I had reached a healthy weight...Looking back though, at that point I was still counting calories and, in all honesty, still underweight, even though I wasn't as sick as before.

A healthy weight is different for everyone, and if you're still experiencing those symptoms, it's likely that you're not at yours yet, even if it's technically "okay." Mine was too, but it wasn't enough for my body. It might be difficult to imagine gaining more weight, but your body is trying to tell you something, and it's great that you're noticing this, listening, and asking for advice. Hope this helps!