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I've had 2 dairy things with certain fruit in it from McDonald's and acted on symptoms and I want to restrict more tonight. I hate my ED. It has really been affecting my thinking and ability to focus.

Getting worse

My boyfriend left me 4 months ago and now my ED has come back. I was clean for 2 years before


Hi and welcome to the forum. I am really sorry your boyfriend left you. Did you see it coming or was it a surprise? Two years is great!!! It says a lot. Try to not to believe you have lost everything you gained during those two years. I was doing so great for nine months and thought it was all behind me. Then came enormous stress and I started with the self harm. It is difficult to not believe I lost all. Truth is, we all fall sometimes but what is important that we get back up. Have you considered therapy or do you have someone to talk with that is a support. It is really important to have at least one person you can trust. Right now trust may be running low since your boyfriend left but is there someone you can talk with.

You have the skills and the feeling of recovery. You can get back on track. Try not to beat yourself up. I am happy you have two years behind you. That is great. And coming on the forum is also a very good decision. I wish you the best and hope to see you around soon.