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I feel triggered and that I need to start eating WAY less than I already am. My eating disorder is telling me that I am at an unacceptable big size and weight and that I need to lose a lot to look beautiful. My eating disorder makes me feel that it's ok if other people are big, but not me.


Hi Savedbygrace,

This is a response that is not related to our earlier communication. But as you were not able to know what to say or how to respond, how do you want us to respond when you are always telling the forum that you are not eating, working for hours and not eating and that you are restricting all the time. I really don't know how you want us to respond or what to say to you. You usually tack on to your responses that you are not eating. What are you looking for? How do you want us to respond? I am not mad or anything like that. I just don't know to respond to those posts. What do you want from the forum? How can we best support you.
I care about you and want to be helpful. I am wanting to know how to do this with how your posts are always talking about how you are restricting. I say this with care and love.


Hey Savedbygrace,

Those are really difficult thoughts to be struggling with. Can you think of any times when you're less concerned with your size and weight? Does anything help you at those points?

It can be really hard to get through those moments of feeling that your body is unacceptable. Hoping the best for you!


I'm not sure

I'm just looking for a place to express myself, not necessarily wanting anything.


Sending you Hugs.

Thank you

I appreciate it.


I know that you are trying to figure things out in the way it seems you think it best ,but really for me when i was like this i guess it was a cry for help .For me it was like i knew what i wanted but it was not necessarily good for me and i got even more flustered by it and took alot of energy to up keep it all. I just finally decided im going to use that energy for good instead and its not easy i know but sometimes we need tough love.

But what really helped me was to set goals that are reasonable and not to high ,and to really treat my the body right cause when you do that your body will take over and manage things out for your best healthy you. I would suggest planning out your meals or snacks beforehand but not by counting cals but really helped ease into it as you know whats coming ahead. That is what i did and each time it got easier to say no to the ed and take back control, I have a ed mentor also which helps so much knowing im not alone .

I feel the same way

I feel the same way but instead of feeling like I need to lose weight to look beautiful I feel like I need to lose weight to be fit. While I understand that this is not a healthy way of thinking at all, I can't help it. What helps me though, is knowing that my weight is not unhealthy even though it's not as low as I would like it to be. So while I would like to be thinner, I logically know that I'm not actually too big (medically speaking) and that makes me feel the slightest bit better. I'm not a doctor or a therapist or qualified to be giving and sort of medical advice at all so I'm not telling you to think like this. But maybe try to find a positive point, even if it's very small, and it might make you feel even the tiniest bit better. And I'm not religious, but I know you are and you seem to find quite a bit of comfort and guidance in that, so if that has helped you before it may be able to help you again. You always seem to try your best to be helpful and positive and supportive to others so try to give those positive thoughts and feelings to yourself, you deserve it! Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season!