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Feeling ill lately

ive been sick to my stomach for awhile and even drinking water like two small glasses make me sick

idk what to do .

I would suggest

Going to the ER or doctors to get checked out.

im scared to

i feel veryy scared

It could save your life.

Please take care of yourself.


Hiv what are you afraid of?


Hi, I wanted to check to see how you are doing. You mentioned you are feeling ill and scared. Have you been able to get help? You don't have to face your fears and illness alone. NEDA is a great place to start getting help. You might want to call the NEDA Helpline if you haven't already at 800.931.2237. They are trained volunteers and can point you toward many resources, including therapists and other health care providers who can help see you through these difficult times.


Just wanted to check in and see how you have been doing? I have been thinking of you <3 Hope to hear from you soon and you are feeling better.

Hi everyone sorry i have been busy with appts lately.

Im still having chronic nausea when i eat and now even the smell of food makes me nauseated to point i feel like gagging, and i have been getting colds,flu,and low grade fevers as well as pulsating pain all over my arms and feet an tummy pain .

Sometimes it gets very bad the pain and i have to take a painkiller for it , im going to get a doc appt very soon i just have not been able to find the time to go to them for help and care since i have 5 appts a week and family an friends outings etc .

I might go into urgent care one of these days since it might be faster im not sure though and i have a new health insurance . Thanks for checking in on me everyone and i will try to keep you guys posted .

I am scared the sickness could be serious and that they will see my cuts.

More to add

Hi so i also have seen a big personality change and extremely tired through the day and i sometimes don't have the energy to get up during the to go do things ,i have anemia and i have not been taking my iron pills .

Also im guessing since ive been sick lately its making my personality change and physical changes it sucks i just lately have been sick for a month or so .


i got sick this morning and i think it may be a low blood sugar or dehydration or so but im feeling a tad bit better thank goodness , and i am so sick of being sick yuk . Im hoping that the gastro can help with my chronic nausea .

How are you feeling?

Have you had a chance to see a health care professional? I strongly recommend it if you've been feeling poorly for this long. Sometimes insurance companies offer a call-in line where you can talk to a nurse, if finding time is a problem for you. I hope you take care of yourself. You deserve to be well.

Hope you are doing better.

Dear BeatEdnos91, we are very concerned about what you have written. You said you are "scared the sickness could be serious and that they will see [your] cuts." It sounds like you are self-harming and we care about you. Help is available and people do get through tough times. Please call the Self-Harm Helpline at 800-366-8288 and stay safe. Compassionate, trained volunteers can talk with you about how you are feeling and help you find a way to stay safe. 

How are you feeling?

I hope you are doing better now. See your personal physician if not better. I hope you see a therapist for any food and anxiety or other issues you mentioned.Good luck in your recovery.....

I also forgot

I had labs done two days ago and will have a recheck of labs in 2 weeks,I also see a ED doc on Mon as well.

Hi All Update

I'm thankful for all of your guys support, I'm still feeling sick and the doctors are trying to pin point why the all symptoms, frustrated with not knowing what's going on .

I have a ED therapist licensed psychologist ,she says that she thinks that I need to do eating disorder intensive day program but I'm not sure. She says that we will talk more about it when we meet.

I'm very in deep symptoms wise and stopped cutting though but now mostly ED coping skills I'm not sure if I should what to do because its like I don't do well in groups and hate to eat in front of people and in scared I can't be allowed to do ed behavior's.

Anybody done it? Tips?


I just scheduled a gastro appt at a premier gastro clinic i just hope that they can figure out what is going on my chronic nausea .

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