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first doctors appointment

we have our first appointment with the doctor in two days and i am trying to come up with question to ask regarding our daughters treatment and recovery plan.
she came home from college three weeks ago and we have been waiting for this appointment to get here. so glad it is this week. we need help. she is trying to do it but we need help. she eats and feels so sick after. she agonizes over everything that she eats and has ruled out entire food groups. she is frustrated and wants to feel better. i am so hoping we are are going to find some help and direction.

First appointment

Hi juli427,

Good luck on your first appointment! I'm sure it will be very helpful both for her and for you to know how you can best support her. It also sounds like a good idea that you are making a list of questions to ask. Keep us updated!


Hi Juli427,

That's such great news to finally have the first appointment!

I agree that having a list of questions, or at least a list of topics you want to be sure to discuss, is a great idea. I imagine the appointment might be overwhelming and it will be good to have collected your thoughts and be able to take notes if need be.

I'm glad you're being so supportive of your daughter, and that your daughter is also so determined to recover. That's such great news. Hopefully with the added help of professionals you'll make more progress and get on the right track soon!

Please let us know how it goes! Good luck!