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Finding treatment for a friend

Hi, I'm trying to help a friend find treatment and it's proving to be way more difficult than I anticipated. She was turned down by Renfrew, of course. The place she is at now sounds like they run their eating disorder program like a state hospital and she already signed her release. The place I went years ago multiple times had an amazing program and I can thank them for now being 6 years recovered, but they recently closed their ED program. There are some more places I am going to look into for her, and she can call places herself when she comes home in a couple days, but they're kind of far away. And I'm sure insurance is gonna be a pain too.

I'm asking if there is any advice anyone can give me on seeking a good program before I continue this venture? Maybe some insight that will help me not rip my hair out? I expect this is going to be tedious regardless, and I'm really confused as to why it's still so difficult to find help for an eating disorder in 2017.


Hi Ekramer88, welcome to the NEDA forums! It sounds like you've had a lot of frustration in helping your friend find treatment.

NEDA has tons of resources for finding treatment, so maybe you can start here: They also have a Helpline/online chat option that you can contact 9a-9p EST M-Th and 9a-5p EST F (1-800-931-2237) with trained volunteers that can help you find treatment options for your friend.

Online-chat link:

Hope this helps! It's awesome that you're helping find treatment, you're a really good friend :)