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fiction novel

I'm thinking of writing a personalized book which kinda revolves about loving someone with eating disorder.
I actually love someone with ED so I know what all a person of my situation goes through and thought my experience might help others..idk...i just feel like writing about it
But I dont want it to act as a trigger or offend anyone with ED in any way.
So what do you think ? Is it a good idea ? Any Suggestions are welcome

That's an interesting idea.

That's an interesting idea. Would the main focus of the book be about the relationship of two people with one of them having an eating disorder? Or would one of the characters simply have an eating disorder and be in a relationship with the main character as other things are going on?

I also just want to point out the fact that I appreciate you wanting to make sure you don't trigger people. That already shows the level of sensitivity that would be necessary to write about EDS.



I haven't dotted down each point but it will be the main character loving someone with ED will describe all the frustrations , feelings , etc .
I thought about portraying as the main character having ED but then I thought that I'm nowhere close to what a person with ED feels.Only a person who has had it in past or presently has it can do it with sympathy from users . It also might act as trigger .
Now , I haven't decided this yet but the main character will also have some sort of mental disorder
( which I personally do so I can relate )
and then progress the story

Cool, sounds like you've

Cool, sounds like you've though this through. My only suggestion would be to do what you're already inclined to do: stay true to the experiences you and your inspiration, and keep a sensitive and empathetic eye when writing. If you want more insight into eating disorders you're in the right place. NEDA has some great tools which I'll list below. They can also help in relating to your loved one who's suffering. And on that note, you might want to check out the Friends in Support Roles and/or Partners/Spouses in Support Roles if you're seeking support. (has general info about EDs that anyone can use)

Best of luck.


Yes, I think writing such a

Yes, I think writing such a book would be incredibly helpful to the loved ones' of someone who has an eating disorder. It could also be helpful to the sufferer of the disorder. I think it's a great idea. Go for it!