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fell back into old habits

Hey guys new to this forum!
I'm 19, I've had an eating disorder for about 3 months maybe now. I binge then purge, it's horrible when I do it. I beat it for about 2 months, then 2 weeks ago it crept back into my life somehow :(
I am really trying to beat this, and I came very close to beating a binge yesterday, which would have been 2 days straight, but I gave in :(

I have beat this before, and I will beat it this time. I am starting this morning clean, and eating regular meals, please give me any advice, on staying true when I feel like binging and any tips on beating this I would love it.
This is going to be hard, I know it. I hope I can do it this time for real, I owe it to myself and others..... thanks guys any advice or support would be great. Thankyou!

3 months is short time, also

3 months is short time, also the perfect time to fight it before this monster takes control of you. I wish I had the same help sources 26 years ago as we do now. It not perfect but better then nothing. I actually did seek help when I first started but those where different time. I told the school nurse and her answer was "boy don't do that". my sense of shame did make me hide my sickness all these years. The more years have passed, the more this sickness took control of my life.
My advice to you is to find a therapist who specializes in eating disorders to help you with it. I'm sorry to say you will not be able to beat it on your own. ED it not about food, it's the other problems that hid underneath it. With the right support, I'm sure you will beat this way faster then people who had it for longer time. Best of luck and please don't underestimate the level of this disorder

Fell back into old habits

Dear Iver424 and Najmlail,

Thank you both for not only reaching out through this incredibly supportive forum, but also seeking the help to claim a life free of an eating disorder. You cannot do it alone and we are here to help!

I would encourage you to reach out to the NEDA Helpline #1.800.931.2237 (Mon. - Thurs. 9am-9pm/Fri. 9am - 5pm/EST). They are an amazing team of volunteers who have recovered from an ED and personally understand the challenges and journey. They can help you locate a therapist in your area, a nutritionist, and/or treatment center.

Another great resource to consider is the NEDA Navigator program! This free program connects you with a volunteer who has experience in recovery and is there to listen, support, and advise you along the way!! I think it is a great way to receive absolutely sincere support! Here is a link to learn more! It's like having your own personal recovery buddy.

I hope this helps you both. Please keep us posted on your progress and let us know how we can continue to support you! You can do this!

HEALing Hugs,
Legacy of Love