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feeling guilty

I'm feeling guilty for eating. It wasn't even that much, but I still feel bad for it. I'm trying to tell myself what my therapist said. Which is... I don't have to listen and obey everything ED says. And that it is ok to eat when I'm hungry. But it's not helping the guilty feeling I have. I just wish I could eat like a normal person and not worry about every little bit of food I put in my mouth.

Hi, Melissaah:

First, thank you for sharing your struggles here on the forums. We're all here to be a "listening ear" whenever you need us.

I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so guilty. Please know that what you're going through is all part of the eating disorder. Keep reminding yourself of what your therapist said: You don't have to listen to and obey everything your ED says. That is a great mantra, and hopefully an empowering one! EDs are strong, but you can be stronger!! These feelings of guilt after eating won't last forever; that's part of the recovery process.

I found this page on the NEDA website, and I think it might be helpful for you:

It sounds like you're taking many good, positive steps toward recovery. You're seeing a professional, you're listening to their advice, you're making good choices, and you're talking about your feelings with people who care about you. These are all good things; you should feel proud of yourself. Don't forget to "pat yourself on the back", so to speak, for all of those little victories. And try not to dwell on your guilt. Posting here on the forums, or expressing your feelings to someone you trust can be cathartic, but you also want to try and move on and find something else to focus on. Go outside and get some fresh air, draw a picture, watch a funny video online, call a friend to chat about something random, etc. Try to focus on other parts of your life, and try not to let the ED take even more of your attention.

Good luck, Melissaah!! We all want the best for you. Remember that recovery is possible.

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