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family going away

Hi there,

My Mom, Dad and Aunt are going away on a vacation, which I was supposed to be going on but can't because of work. I am a little nervous. My therapist would say, You can do this. I believe you can. I know I can, I just am a bit apprehensive. I may need to go to my doctor and I am not looking forward to going but I may have no choice. I will stay at my parent's house, three down from mine and hang out there alone with the two dogs.

I have been sick with a bad cough and laryngitis. Slept a lot yesterday and today. Feeling a bit restless right now.

It will be like a vacation for me too, being alone, not having to worry about doing the wrong thing, or saying the wrong thing.

Anyways, just wanted to put this out there. Hope you all enjoy a good night's sleep.



Hi Iwanttolive,
I can definitely understand how that would be anxiety-producing, as I know how close your relationships are with your family. I know your therapist is right though-- you can do this & you will get through. I encourage you to seek out extra supports & forms of self-care during this time <3
How have things been going with your sister?
I really hope you feel better as well- laryngitis sounds rough. Rest up my friend! Keep us posted- you got this!