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every time I eat

Why is it that even though I want to get better( at least for the most part), that I feel like a piece of crap every time I eat and keep it down. What's the point of getting better if I'm going to feel horrible every time I eat?

I think its all just part of

I think its all just part of our eating disorders............. Its our minds messing with us..................You have managed to eat and keep it down .............BIG STEP!!!! working towards getting over this horrible thing !

Before any of us were

Before any of us were affected by any of these disorders, there was a time where we ate and didn't have to deal with mental and physical repercussions. When the disorder stepped in, everything changed. Now we all have to take steps to re-learn how to eat and how our thoughts are structured around food and everything else the disorder touches. You will get there, but like everyone else in recovery you have to keep telling yourself it will get better because it absolutely does.

I think we just need to try

I think we just need to try and remember that we aren't what we eat or don't eat. This is a sickness. Your friends and family and any people you meet worth having in your life don't care what you weigh as long as you are healthy and good to your body. I know that my big problem is feeling like people will hate me if I don't look what media has taught me is perfect but that is just not true and I fight (and usually fail) every day to try and see that. In the end we're all just people though and people mess up sometimes. And you may feel bad now but you are awesome and you are trying and every day is a step and hopefully sooner than you know there will be a not crappy day and gradually there will be more not crappy than crappy days.

Stay Strong

Hello Melissah!

I'm glad to see you are still reaching out and posting to the forums here. I agree with Brooke125; you are now at the point where you have to relearn how to eat and change your thought process. Eating disorders are anxiety disorders, and anxiety disorders attack the way you think so your behaviors change. My therapist tells me that whenever I'm feeling negative, or I'm feeling like nothing is going to change and I revert back to my old ways, that it's my "old voice" talking to me and that it's like putting on an old pair of shoes.

Try and find yourself a new pair of shoes! Don't let that seed of negativity mature. I'm with Brody803, too, because the fact that you've been able to eat and keep it down is a HUGE step. You have it in you to beat this thing and see the bright side again. Stay strong and please keep us updated on your progress. You can always post here, day or night.

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