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Hello forum friends. I just wanted to say hi, and send some encouragement your way. I know how difficult the struggle is. How painful. How isolating and horrible it is to suffer. I just want you all to know that here on this forum you are not alone. I pray for you and pray that each step you take forward that you give yourself credit for that. Together we stand, arm in arm, together to fight this thing called an eating disorder.
I send you my love,

encouragement take two

Hi. I am sorry but I was hoping some people would respond to my words of encouragement. Does anyone have anything to say about the post and does it help anyone? Please enjoy your evening and for those who are going to work in the morning, have a good day at work. If you are at home, I hope you have a good day too.


Just wanted to thank you for your encouragement, empathy & prayer <3 You are so appreciated here and I know that God uses your words touch the hearts of so many!

Your encouragement are very

Your encouragement are very important on here. Hope you're doing okay.