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ED as self harm?

I saw a therapist for the first time last Monday and I see her again this Monday.
If anyone saw my previous post I was nervous because she did not specialize in ED, but first session went great and sticking with her.
Anyway, she brought up how she doesn't want to jump to any conclusion of be having an eaton disorder quite yet and mentioned I may be using my ED behaviors as a form of self harm. I feel like she might be right and wondering if anyone else has heard of this?


Oh my goodness yes! This hits home with me because self harms can be anything. I used my purging as a self harm for a few reasons: I did not feel good about myself, I felt I didn't deserve the life I was given, I always thought I could become a better athlete, and between all these, I wanted to torment myself someway. So yes, I understand what she is saying and can relate to it.

I am so happy that you found a therapist to stick with. It sounds like she is smart and supportive. Have you thought about why you would want to self harm? I'm sure she asked you this question but it's just something to ponder. Once you pin point that reason, you can deal with it head on, and never have to self harm again.

The last thing I want to leave you with is an article about what recovery is exactly. Recovery doesn't mean a certain number on a scale. It means being truly happy inside and out:

Stay strong!!


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