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ED is running the bus

I feel so disgusting. I've eaten so much more than I normally do. But it wasn't really a binge. Anyway I've pretty much said screw it, I've messed up already so mis well get something I never let myself eat unless I'm going to purge it. I'm not going to purge the forbidden food...but I now can't eat anything tomorrow or until my weight goes back to what it was this morning or lower. ED is really running the bus today. And I'm to tired to fight it.

Don't Beat Yourself Up!!


I'm so sorry to hear that you've had such a rough day! Please don't be so hard on yourself. I'm glad to hear that you're determined to not purge the "forbidden food," but you also don't need to punish yourself by not eating until tomorrow or until your weight goes back to what it was this morning. If your body tells you that it's hungry later tonight, you're allowed to feed it! Everyone has good days and bad days as far as ED thoughts and behaviors go. The key is to not let the bad days drive you to compensate.

Stay strong!


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