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ED is loud because I didn't purge

ED is screaming because I ate something and didn't purge it. ( even though I wanted to). Now I'm worried about gaining weight etc. Plus I haven't been doing much the last few days because I've been in pain. So my eating disorder side of me is not happy. I'm trying to be proud of myself, but no... all I hear is negative self-talk etc. Etc. When does the negative ed talk stop? Ok r does it ever?

I failed

Now i feel like a complete failure. I thought I was going to make it through without acting on my ED urges. ED just got so loud. I gave in, and failed yet again. How do people stop the negative remarks by ed? When this happens I feel like I'll never get better because I can't resist the urges. Even when I try I end up breaking down and do what ed wants.

It does get better.

I'm not going to say that, in my case, the ED voice has ever gone away completely, but it does get quieter with time. Sometimes I can barely hear it. The trick for me is to try to avoid ED behavior as much as possible, and avoid stress. If I get stressed out then the ED returns with a vengeance.

I don't think it ever goes

I don't think it ever goes away for people like us. We will always have ED least that is what I've found in my 10 years of dealing with EDNOS. Ive gone from thin and eating nothing, to quite over weight and eating everything. Now Im working my way back down again. It suck, and I feel your pain. I did find a middle ground at one point and the guilt and negative thoughts did subside. Try to find that middle ground, its where you will be the happiest. Good luck!

Is the hot weather keeping you down or is it like flu?

I feel tired in hot weather but i noticed that i am drinking tons of water these days even Not in hot weather and binging a bit less. That seems to help me.Perhaps you should talk w/ your Med Treating Dr about whether you are on the right dose of the right meds?I know mine do help me, or my binges would be even worse when i do???

I agree with NeverEnough BUT

Hi Everyone,

I agree with NeverEnough that this will be something that will be a battle for sometime for most people strugging with an ED but I believe that with the right mindset and resources, acheving and maintaining recovery is a possibility for anyone! I think it is great that you are reaching out to others that may be in the same position you are in for support. Please remember that there are resources like the NEDA Helpline that may be able to help you find medical professionals and professionals in this field that will help you on your journey towards recovery. I wish you all the best!

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