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Eating Disorder Recovery

Hey Y'all.

I just wanted to make a positive post because I see a lot of people struggling on this forum. I want to let people know that recovery IS possible.

So where I came from.....
the sickest of sick. I was hospitalized many times and fought recovery every step of the way. I did not want to get better. I wanted to stay sick because it was "safe". I thought I would leave this planet as one of those eating disorder statistics.

Then something changed...
I wanted to live to see my future. I wanted to grow and become my full potential. I got married and wanted to be alive for my husband and grow old with him. It wasn't an overnight success, but I actually wanted to work for my recovery. I started to do the things that made me happy. The things I wanted to do. I stopped listening to ED boss me around. I still hear him sometimes, and I know that recovery can go backwards, but I am so ambitious. I have goals that are outside of eating and weight.

What am I without ED?
Right now, I am a student. I am actually working towards my bachelors and will be going towards a masters. In what? Funny enough, in dietetics. I want to be a RD and help people with eating disorders. I feel it is my life's goal to help others who are going through what I went through. I am happy. I am healthy. I am beautiful. I read these posts on these forums and I am not triggered or want to go back. You can be in this same position. Loving yourself and wanting to see your future are the key components.

I hope this brings hope to all of you.

Thank you

I appreciate your words. It's nice to hear. Thank you. There's a lot of static in my head right now.


Thank you so much for sharing, Kayleigh! And providing hope and perspective from the other side of ED <3 I have been stable in recovery without disordered thoughts/behaviors for almost 3 years now. And I agree-- there is so much freedom in being able to live without being chained to concerns with eating, freedom, & weight. Recovery is always possible! So glad to hear about the progress you've made- and I think it's wonderful that you are going into Dietetics. You will have so much empathy and understanding for the individuals you encounter. I also went to college for Dietetics, but ended up in Public Health Education- I now work at a non-profit for individuals with mental disorders & am able to share my experiences as well of hope for recovery.

Thank you again for sharing, we're so glad you are here <3 Lovetowrite81

Thanks so much for sharing!!

It is always great to see positive and hopeful stories such as these! Thank you so much for sharing. We hope you continue to do so. Good luck in your studies as I know school is starting back up!