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Doing the right things - and still not gaining weight

My daughter is almost 18 and has anorexia. She has been seeing a therapist for about 3 months and a specialist MD for about 2 months. Her eating habits have improved dramatically: She is eating many more foods, much larger meals and caloric snacks three times a day. She has curbed her workouts, dropping cardio altogether. Her bloodwork is fine, blood pressure low but OK; she has a good energy level and is generally in good spirits. BUT, she is simply not gaining weight. We just returned from a two-week vacation where we shared a bathroom and I watched everything she ate, so I know there is no "cheating" or vomiting. The doctor and his nutritionist just keep insisting she needs to eat more, more, more, but she feels she's at the limit of what she can physically eat and is extremely discouraged at the lack of progress. (So am I.) Has anyone else experienced this, and do you have any advice? We are getting desperate, as she is supposed to go to college in less than two months, and just don't know what to do.

It took me around twice that

It took me around twice that time of constantly increasing what I ate before it was enough for me to start putting on weight. You can't just go from eating nothing to quantities that allow you to gain something. I understand the frustration, but it requires time, she's probably not eating enough yet, as the nutritionist told you. :-|

As for advice I don't know, if you're sure she's not cheating you might try to reassure her she's not doing anything wrong. I bet the pressure about the 2 months to college doesn't help either. Consider she might non be able to make it in time and make it feel ok.