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Does menstruation/hormone *consistency* affect libido? Would skipped/late periods due to a controlled diet explain a low libido?

Does hormone restoration mean I was able to get my period back in the first place, or does consistency factor in?
I figured that, if I got a period back, I would have a normal libido at that point. I do, however, skip sometimes, and usually have a late period or one that's inconsistent time-wise. I wondered if perhaps a low/nonexistent libido might deal with consistency over time, or that perhaps hormone levels are correlated to having frequent, consistent periods? Does this make sense? I was at my worst a few years ago & recovered my set weight to get a period. I am much better than I was at my sickest, but I still have some behaviors regarding control. I am wondering if this dietary control could still affect overall hormone levels, even if I can have an (albeit inconsistent) period.
I know low levels of testosterone or estrogen can affect the sleep/wake cycle, libido, etc.- and I know sometimes my controlled eating worsens my sleep, which could, in turn, affect hormone levels.
Does anyone have ideas or similar concerns?


Don't know. It would probably be best talked about with a medical doctor or psychiatrist. I hope this helps

Hey Shaina28,

Hey Shaina28,

I'm happy to hear you are making progress with recovery and are no longer at your worst. It's tough to let go of some of those behaviors, but keep working at it. :) It definitely takes time, but it's SO worth it <3 I have to agree with Savedbygrace, though. I'm not sure about hormone levels and sleep cycles. Those are good questions for a professional! Take care.


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low libedo

Hey, I've dealt with some similar issues, and found that personally even though I got my period back my libido was still low. I would still consult with a medical professional, but the more weight recovered you become, the higher your libido becomes. I am still struggling occasionally with low libido about 6 months to a year of being weight restored, but am monumentally better than I was! My partner is extremely happy to have me back ;)

Beware of The Pill if you do become sexually active again

Certain brands of the pill will affect women differently. I was on 1 in my 20 and was excellent, and was able to ingest even w/ active ED behaviors.

Then in my 30 's took different pill and gained a lot. Then changed to another type and lost tons of weight and it helped to rid excess water retention a huge side effect of The Pill...

Once i experienced water retention on The pill i lost all libido. When I lost a bunch weight after switching to another brand was so satisfied w/ my weightloss progress that i became quite active in my dating behavior.

So I think for me it depended on what chemical was affecting my body and of course if we are in starvation mode we are probly more obsessed over every Cal and not feeling as sexually active...

re: redfoxal

Hey, this was really helpful, thanks. Did you need a regular (time-wise and not-skipping) period for a while then, before your libido normalized? I think I still have some work to do here.


Yes, I know that it sucks, but it really just took time for me before my libedo normalized. I think it differs for each person, but your body needs to feel that it's at least safe and properly nourished before it exerts energy to other energies like having libedo. But I promise, it's so worth it! It took me two years to get to that point where I allowed myself to get those functions back, so don't get upset, or let your partner! It will happen eventually. My period definitely needed to be regular though for it to come back.

Hi guys,

Hi guys,

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