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doctors appt and being weighed

So I know I need to get rid of the scale.... but I'm just not ready to do that. Anyhow I woke up this morning weighing more than I did yesterday and I freaked. I know it's just water weight because I hardly ate yesterday. But I feel so huge today and I'm going for a check up at the doctors. They are obviously going to weigh me. It's so embarrassing when other people see how much I weigh.

Sorry to hear you are

Sorry to hear you are struggling. Remember, that you, as a person, are so much more than your weight. You are important, you are worthy of love, you are worthy of happiness. A number has no bearing on your worthiness. Please remember that :)

Perhaps the next time you go

Perhaps the next time you go to the doctor, you can request that they don't say your weight out loud? I know this has been very beneficial to many people, and I highly suggest trying it yourself too. As als2908 said, it is so important to remember that you are more than a number. Your value and worth are not defined by your weight, and I hope you can see that.

Stay strong!

No worries

I'm presuming you're referring to my response. And I appreciate it.

I used to be like that

But i told them the nurses that I wanted to be blind weighed and even on days that are bad ed wise they gave a choice rather to be weighed or not.
Its only needed really in order to see how much meds to give you if any are ordered cause to much for one person weight wise could be chaotic.

YOU can DO This !!! We are in your corner.

Plus your not defined by a number you are much more than that and you are cared an loved by many people .


I agree with the posts before mine and you should know that you are more than a number on a scale. You are amazing and smart and don't need to be defined by your weight to feel good about who you are. Having said that, I can fully relate to your feelings of apprehension around weighing yourself at the doctors. I see a doctor once a month and they weigh me because I get medication, but there are options. You can do it blind and just tell the nurse to keep it to herself or you can ask not to be weighed. I have done that at several other appointments in the past and they were fine with it because they really didn't need it if I wasn't getting prescribed medications. So you do have a couple of options other than just feeling bad about the experience and yourself if the number is more than you hoped. Bur most of all remember that you are valuable and worthy of self-love no matter what you weigh.

I tell the nurse "no"

And they never weigh me.

Same here

Yep. That's what I tell my nurse as well. I figure unless I'm going to be taking a medicine that requires them to know my weight, there is no reason for them to take it. They're good like that

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