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desperate to lose the "overshoot" weight post recovery

hi everyone -

i've been in (anorexia) recovery for about two years - it took me the first year to get back to my pre-ed weight. unfortunately, right around the one year mark, i started birth control and my weight has sky rocketed. my doctors have recommended staying on it for hormonal reasons, but even though i haven't weighed myself for about 3 years, i know i've way surpassed where i've ever been. i've had to replace essentially my entire wardrobe, i feel debilitating shame the majority of the time each and every day, and i am absolutely desperate to get back to what feels like a more normal weight for me.

i'm not in an unhealthy bracket for my height, but i can't stand this anymore and am terrified i'll start to relapse if i can't change anything. i've been working really hard to eat healthy and work out regularly, with all my focus being on staying in healthy patterns, but the hormones are causing my body to hold onto every bit of extra fat around.

please, please help!! i really don't do well with the "embrace where you are" stuff and need more than acceptance / encouragement at this point, if that makes sense. has anyone else been through this??? how did you pull yourself out without relapsing??


thank you so much!! i'm definitely going to seek out a nutritionist in addition to my doctor, who i don't believe has significant ed experience (or maybe i just need to push a little harder with her?)... this was super helpful, and i'm so sorry if my "more than encouragement" request sounded limiting or harsh--not my intention, and your answer was perfect. thank you so much!!

Did anything help you? Im

Did anything help you? Im finding myself struggling with the same issue. I feel so ashamed of my body and that Im actually bigger than how I was before yet still eating healthy and working out (which I never even did pre anorexia). I am so confused.

I was in that boat once 2

At first after giving up using exercise n laxatives and then fasting and yo yo dieting my periods first stopped and then wouldn't stop for an entire month.

So Dr placed me, at my research request, on birth control pills. I used this until I was almost 42 yrs old.

It not only helped me shed unwanted water weight also helped w/ mood swings and PMS and all the bloating that Usually goes along w/ being on the female pill/hormone/whatever u wanna call it.

So after I went on it I also saw a chiropractor, and his dietitian-I loved the lil old guy, he was so adorable for my weight loss Dr.

Then I joined aquatics sports and took a lap swim class every night for 1 hour per night. I felt so good and the bad weight just rolled right off of me.

I have regained a tad now not on birth control pills as I am over the recommended age for it and I work FT instead of hang our at gym and pool to exercise.

Good luck, it will take a lot of work to heal your body, give it time but effort too.

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