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I just wanted to write you all and let you know that you guys are awesome, like really amazing. I can tell you first hand how horrible it is to suffer from an eating disorder- but to be honest, the worst thing about it isn't the constant obsessing, the havoc my body has been through, the torment of the disease, the isolation, the fear and, the worst part of my eating disorder is knowing how much it is destroying my parents. All i want to do is recover just so my parents can have some relief. I just can't do it. So I just want you guys to know, as parents - we love you, even when our words and actions don't show that. We need you, even when we say we don't. We love you, more than you'll ever know. Your love, care and support is really making a difference, even when it doesn't look like it is. It's a hard job living with an eating disorder, really really hard - but you guys have the harder job of watching your most loved people suffer. So thank you for being there for your children. For coming on websites like NEDA and looking for help. Your support and help means the world to us. And we are so so so sorry for doing this to you. If we could just start eating/stop purging we would do it for you.

On behalf of your own children, who sometimes just can't say these words: THANK YOU