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Dangerous advertisement in college town

Hi everyone, I'm a new member who has been in recovery for a year now from ED. Recently a sign went up in my college town that not only nearly triggered me unexpectedly, but that I'm sure is causing issues for others. It is aggressively large, red, and bannered across a multi-story business building facing a major highway. The sign equates losing weight with also losing "failure", "weakness", embarrassment", "blubber" and more. When I contacted the business and tried to educate them on the threat their sign imposes, I was brushed off. So, my amazingly supportive husband and I have started an online petition to get the sign taken down. Also any tips on how we can improve it and get more attention for it are appreciated! Thanks!

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Hi everyone, I'm a new member. nice to meet you


Hello and welcome to the forum. I encourage you to post under one of the other headings so you can get more support. Working towards recovery or maintaining recovery. I am really glad to hear of your year of recovery. That is really great. It must have been a lot of hard work to get to this point. I am sorry about that sign. I agree, it should be taken down. Good for you to take it a step further to try to get it taken down. I just wanted to say hi and that if you need more support think about posting under one of the two I mentioned and more people will see it. Take care.

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