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Could really need support right now

F'ck. I'm actually crying right now. I called in sick today just so that I could b/p all day. I feel so ashamed. I'm so scared to let people know I've fallen to this again.

I'm just so tired all the time and being tired is my worst trigger. I feel like I have no energy. And I really need to excercise (beacuse it helps me mentally, bodywise/weightwise I don't care) but my knee is injured since months back and it affects me so much. I need to get my pulse up.

I'm so tired of not feeling I can concentrate at work. I'm tired of being tired. Of getting tired after lunch and almost falling asleep at work. I really don't get what's up with me. Does anyone feel the same tiredness?


Hi. I just read your post. I am truly sorry for how much you are struggling. When someone binges amd purges regularly it is so destructive to the body. If restricting is added to that, it wrecks havoc on the body. I am not a professional but do know these behaviors can cause one to be tired and caues depression. Is there any way you can stay with someone today. Or can you call your therapist if you have one. Or call the NEDA helpline? I am concerned for you. Know we I care and are here for you. iwanttolive

Thank you

I'm better know. Trying to make a plan. I truly have an amazing boyfriend that is really there for me. I need to make some changes. I hope they will give me some energy eventually. How do people cope? Are everyone tired all the time?


Hi Malinnea-
Just wanted to check in & see how the rest of your week went. Were you able to make a plan for moving forward? I hope you are not being too hard on yourself and are realizing that recovery is such a journey of ups and downs, and all we can do is our best & continue to moving forward, being gentle with yourself when we do feel like we're sliding backwards. I am so glad to hear that you have the support of your boyfriend- that is wonderful! How long have you two been dating?
In terms of coping, having professional help is such a central part of recovery. As Iwanttolive mentioned, are you currently working with a therapist or professional? That is one way that I have been able to process the underlying emotions behind the urge to act on behaviors. Have you found any coping mechanisms that work for you when you feel that pull to use symptoms? It looks different for everyone-- many find journaling helpful, drawing, calling a friend, going for a walk, spending time with animals, listening to music, prayer, watching a funny movie. Whatever is relaxing and soothing to you.
Know that I will be thinking of you this weekend <3 Keep us posted on how you're doing. I hope to hear from you soon.