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New to treatment and frustrated

I've recently begun seeing a therapist for my eating disorder, and my behaviors have actually become more intense over the past 3 weeks rather than less. Has anyone else had this happen? Also, for those with binge eating issues, what strategies do you employ when you hit challenging situations that make you want to binge?

Be patient with yourself

Dear BelovedDaughter,

Don't get discouraged! In the beginning of treatment, all kinds of things happen as we adjust to the new path we are on. It's actually common to have slips during recovery. Be patient with yourself and give yourself some time to heal. Have you talked to your therapist about what is going on? Have you thought about adding a nutritionist to your treatment team? Sometimes it helps to have a bit of a plan.

The NEDA helpline is also here to help! Next time you feel a behavior coming on, pick up the phone and give a volunteer a call to talk through it! They are at 1-800-931-2237, M-F, 9am-5pm EST.

Hope this helps! Anyone else suffering/recovery from BED want to share?

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