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Picky eater boyfriend with history of bulimia.

Hello everyone. I am on a mission to help my boyfriend. He is very thin. And he is a picky eater. All I have seen him eat usually are certain food groups. Whatever he eats, he eats in very small amounts, unless it is junk food. He has told me that he used to have bulimia, but he is okay right now. He says he will try to eat healthier. He has an aversion to certain food groups. He tried eating a new food today, but he said that certain textural elements of it made his throat feel weird. He was really trying and was apologizing. Do any of you have tips for helping him overcome his picky eating? Thank you.

Picky eater boyfriend with history of bulimia.

Hi Sarahkate1993!

Thank you for using the NEDA forums for some guidance and help! We are so sorry to hear that your boyfriend is struggling right now and we want you to know that you are not alone in this process! We just wanted to let you know that a small portion was edited and deleted in order to adhere with our community guidelines ( Please continue posting for support!

Hi Sarahkate1993,

Your boyfriend is lucky to have someone like you supporting him! Does he have a treatment team from his bulimia? If so, it might be helpful for him to reach back out about his picky eating. A dietician or physician could probably make a good assessment of whether or not he's getting enough nutrition from his current eating habits and a therapist could help him with strategies for incorporating more diverse foods into his diet in a manageable way. If he doesn't have any connections to professionals, pass along the number for the NEDA Helpline 1-800-931-2237. Helpline volunteers can help him find professional resources in your area.


Cosmia makes some good points

Cosmia makes some good points. It might be a good idea to reach out to others in his life that know about the 'former' disorder, or encourage him to. I think it's also important to continue to be supportive and understanding. I think it shows that you really care about him that you came here to reach out. NEDA has a nice pdf toolkit that has a lot of good information:
Although it's called the "ParentToolkit" it really has information anyone can use. I hope this helps. Feel free to comeback and update us/bounce ideas off of us.


Hi Sarahkate1993!

Just wanted to check in with you and see how you and your boyfriend were doing. Keep us updated on everything if you can!