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"Dear Fat People"

Nicole Arbour's disgusting video series "Dear Fat People" has allegedly allowed her massive personal gains. Even though this is not advertisement, it should still be looked at critically by NEDA, as it is giving her a large profit and is quite triggering. The video series calls being fat "assisted suicide" and shows Arbour's belief that no one should be plus sized, as "people should just work out harder." I am absolutely appalled.

yes, it's hard to watch!

It seems very insensitive to a complex issue, and I'm not sure how helpful it is to "shame people into making better choices" - in fact, I think we can say that it is decidedly unhelpful. Good call!

I've never seen the videos

I've never seen the videos you're talking about, but they seem to be very harmful to many people. I agree with PianoGirl, this is definitely a good call! You can fill out the Media Watchdog form ( so that NEDA can be aware of this and possibly take action.


Dear Fat People

The video is appalling.

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Thanks for that link Torib.

Thanks for that link Torib.

Oh brother !

I've not seen these things myself, but it's easy enough to see them as simply an extension of the sorts of unfortunate trolling that goes on on everywhere the web these days. Which often seems like nothing but trying to make some people feel superior to others.

It's really unfortunate, of course, and is probably best viewed like so many other things on the web these days : Things that are not really worthy of intellegent people's attention.

I mean what's next ? "Dear Black People" or "Dear Muslims" ? I'm sure things like that would would attract lots of trollish attention as well.