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boyfriend with eating disorder

I have been dating my current boyfriend for about six months now and am pretty sure that he has an eating disorder of some type. I know that he was overweight as a child but since I have known him he has always been very thin. Lately I can tell that he has been losing even more weight and is starting to look extremely unhealthy. He also is continually exercising and has become obsessed with going to the gym to work out etc. even when he hasn't eaten anything all day. I have also seen some warning signs of bulimia as well. He will eat really large amounts of food at some meals and then goes to the bathroom immediately afterward every time. I am just so scared and don't know what to do. I haven't known him for that long and just don't know how to say anything or even bring the topic up. I'm just scared that he will get mad at me or will completely deny it. I just want what is best for him because I really do care a lot about him and want him to be healthy. I want him to understand that i would still love him even if he gained a lot of weight. i am so worried about him and just hoping that someone else has had a similar experience with their boyfriend or can offer any type of advice. Thanks in advance.


Hi consea88,

Welcome to the forum, thanks for sharing your story.

Your boyfriend is lucky to have someone that cares so much about his wellbeing. Broaching the subject with a loved one can be really difficult and scary but NEDA has resources that you can check out to help you prepare.

NEDA also has a Helpline (Monday-Thursday from 9:00 am - 9:00 pm and Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm) if you would like to talk directly to a volunteer that can help you identify helpful resources.

Take care of yourself!