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So sad! Need to vent

Another really hard day! Not sure if I'm watching the end of my marriage. My husband and I argue all the time and have an impossible time connecting in any pleasant way these days. Ive continued to wonder if my marriage is in such shambles bec of my ED or my ED is bec of my relationship w him. My ED really took root when we got together, almost 25 years ago. I have been in the early stages of recovery for a while now, but my relationship remains the greatest threat to it! I just feel so sad!!!!!

Hi mameegan!

Hi mameegan!

I am so sorry to hear about how hard things have been for you! Do you currently see a counselor for your ED, or are you receiving any type of medical treatment for your ED? If so, I would highly recommend talking to your counselor. Your health is very important and it is important you get the treatment and support you need for your ED. Do you have any other family or friends who you can lean on?

I really hope things get better for you. Please keep posting and letting us know what's going on. We love hearing from you!