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I was doing so well this morning

I was doing so well this morning and then bam out of nowhere I go and Bing and purge. It sucks. If feels like I'm never going to get better. If I wasn't for my therapist I would be a lot worse than I am now. I don't know what I'm going to do when she is gone for a week. Especially when I see her twice a week. Oh I'm stressed out right now.

It can be SO hard and scary

It can be SO hard and scary to feel like you're never going to get better.

I know things are really tough for you right now, but we all go through this - I promise it gets better, but I do think it takes time. A good therapist can really be a lifeline in tough times like these, and I can understand that it would be stressful to be temporarily cut off from that support. Maybe you could ask your therapist about your concerns??

Hang in there! Is there something relaxing you can do right now, to take care of yourself and help you with the stress? Take a bath, read a book, etc.?...

but how many days were you

but how many days were you successful in not displaying ED behaviors????

Brody, I wish I could say

Brody, I wish I could say many but the day I screwed up would of been day one. And sadly I just ate with I'm ok with yet I'm trying so hard to not go and purge. I'm trying to focus on my time with my son instead. This is so hard to do.

Im right there with you......

Im right there with you........... my behaviors are the about the same as yours too......i have not had a single successful day either..I keep hoping if I can just get that I can get myself out of this mess........I also have the same problem where insurance isnt covering..i cant go to inpatient................the closest outpatient is an hour away and my family doesnt even know im suffering from to get out of work(my husband works in the same place as i do) and drive an hour and then pay for it, just wont work.i have 3 kids and 2 are still at home...................

I totally understand. I have

I totally understand. I have a 2 year old who is obviously at home. And my insurance doesn't cover a lot of the treatments I need. At least eating disorder specialised non of them take my insurance. I was very lucky with finding my therapist. Which took over a year to find. But no one else takes my insurance. And I don't have the extra money to pay out of pocket.

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