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ANOREXIA RECOVERY - weight restored; but still badly bingeing - WHY?????????

Hi I've posted in this forum before about uncontrollable evening binges in anorexia recovery, however I am sad to say if anything the issue has gotten 100x worse. A few weeks ago I passed my healthy BMI, yet every evening I have insane binge thoughts and I also can't stop thinking about needing to binge if I am unable to because someone is downstairs - the other night I sat in my room for a solid 2 hours when I could've been doing something, ANYTHING else yet all I wanted to do was plan how I could binge without people seeing. and I now binge to the point of discomfort. It's horrible. But I am more than weight restored, I AM eating enough during the day and I no longer have urges to compensate; which I know is a GOOD thing in terms of anorexia, but I am worried/confused this could be the beginning of another eating disorder? Usually after my binge I go straight to bed so I can pretend I'm not living.

I have tried everything I can think of so far, eg - not buying my "binge foods", taking all foods out of my room, telling my mum so she can keep an eye on me after dinner, increasing my meal plan AND not restricting food types during the daytime.... I'm just so fed up with it and hate the intense feelings of guilt and shame afterwards. I don't understand why this is still happening to me.
Any advice/knowledge greatly appreciated,


Many recovered anorectics

Many recovered anorectics eventually find themselves binging-alot of the times actually developing bed but I would not worry at all if you are still in recovery, it is normal to have binges, because of starving yourself for so long. Keep fighting warrior you can get through this!

Hello asdfemma!

Hello asdfemma!

Thank you for reaching out and posting to the forums. I know this can be a challenging time for you and I want you to know that you aren't alone. I have personally suffered from binge eating disorder as well that developed after years of anorexia/bulimia. Do you see a therapist or psychiatrist regularly? I have found that my ED urges have significantly decreased since I started to see someone professionally. I would also like to suggest that you contact the NEDA Helpline ((800) 931-2237) who can put in touch with a NEDA Navigator to discuss your current situation. This helpline is also a great resource for other information on counseling if you are unsure of where to start.

Also, here is a helpful NEDA guide regarding binge eating disorder for you to better understand its symptoms:

Please give the NEDA Navigators a call and continue posting to the forums!

Hi asdfemma!

I can tell from the tone of your post that your behavior is really distressing for you and I second stormy’s suggestion. If you’re not already seeing a therapist or psychiatrist it would probably be a good time to find someone to talk to about your ED symptoms. Ups and downs are totally normal over the course of recovery but it is really important not to ignore warning signs that something more serious is happening and only a professional can really help you work through that.

I was also worried when I read in your post how the binging episodes are affecting your mental health. If you are feeling depressed and need someone one to talk you I would strongly urge you call the Suicide Hotline at 1-(800) 273-TALK (8255).

I really hope you keep posting and keep us updated. You sound like a really strong person and we are all here on the forum to support you! You can do this!

I can totally relate to this!

Hi there asdfemma! I am experiencing exactly the same thing, everything you've described is completely how I feel and what I've been going through. I've only just realised its a problem for me and I'm feeling very ashamed and embarrassed. I know that I need to change my views on what i think about food but it's proving to be easier said than done. I'm unsure how to address the situation... Struggling to come to terms with it.

Hi Pineapple1!

Hi Pineapple1!

Please don't feel ashamed or embarrassed of your struggles with an ED. You are not alone and cannot help how you feel or how your body and mind react! The best thing you can do for yourself is reach out for support and put yourself on the road to recovery. Have you tried contacting the NEDA Helpline at (800) 931-2237) to discuss your current situation? It's a great resource to help you find out where to start with your recovery, and there are some great people you can trust to talk to about your ED who will understand where you're coming from.

Please keep us updated on your progress, and remember there is always support for you here at NEDA!

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