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Amazon "Binge" Advertising

Has anyone noticed Amazon's recent advertising campaign promoting their streaming services in which they encourage users to "BINGE," referring to watching an entire television series in one sitting? Is this cause for concern, or am I overreacting? I understand that they mean no harm by using this word, as "binge-watching" television has become common due to series availability on Netflix and similar services, but I also understand what this word means to me and many others, and clicking on Amazon only to have a banner reading "Time to BINGE" come up could potentially be triggering. Also, any type of binge is unhealthy, be it TV, food, or anything else, binging should never be encouraged. Can we take action to show Amazon that their advertising, while well-intentioned, is conceived in poor taste? I have contacted Amazon by email, and filled out a Media Watchdog form at NEDA, I hope that this advertising campaign can be ended in favor of something more positive.



I hadn't noticed that ad until you mentioned it (I haven't shopped on Amazon recently), but I totally agree! I went to Amazon's homepage and staring me in the face was this command to binge! I think that could definitely be considered problematic. I definitely don't think you're overreacting. Good for you for contacting Amazon and filling out the NEDA Media Watchdog form. Like you mentioned, I understand that "binge-watching" is a common expression these days, so I'm sure Amazon was just trying to "ride the wave" of this trend and use it to their advantage to encourage people to use their service. I assume they didn't realize the potential harmful nature of this wording. But I think that's the point of the Media Watchdog program: to spread awareness and make advertisers think twice about the implications of the messages they send.

Good for you! Keep up the good work!