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Haven't Been Exercising for a Few Days and feel....................................

I had an inner ear problem going on for the last 1/2 this month. Until yesterday, when i was treated for my hearing loss, my appetite was like I ate breakfast, and forgot all day to eat any further. Then at dinner time I had to remind myself to heat up a healthy TV dinner.

Then today was my 1st day this month that i was able to finally hear and appreciate the use of both of my ears. Then I began feeling an appetite coming on again. I shopped online all day for foods I like to stock up on. Including some yummy deserts to share w/ my sig other.

My period was gone for the last 3.5 months. My period Finally returned about 3 days ago. It has been difficult to sleep at night. After dinner my stomach is distended, and makes me feel like curbing my appetite which I have been doing for the last 3 weeks, until my hearing was restored again.

I just want my period to be so over and done this month. I think i secretly control my periods; I don't usually eat too many foods high in specific xyz's that keep our periods normal. Its like my body is a bar of ivory soap and the water is the part of the nutrition which I am able to rise above and feel like I have a super power in escaping my periods for months at a time if i avoid xyz foods and exercise regularly.

My entire body was out of whack when i lost my ability to hear and lost my appetite to nourish myself as a result of my hearing being out temporarily. Therefore I was fasting most of the past month, and not even on purpose....
Today is the first full day being able to hear and also the 1st day that I have been triggered to shop online and click tons of foods to be delivered for my convenience. I clicked healthy foods but i was also triggered today by my excitement to hear again, to order a bunch of dessert foods, which I usually don't eat.

I just had a healthy dinner but haven't done anything outdoors today. I have been off from work until the weekend shift. Like i mentioned i am still bearing down hard w/ cramps and feeling quite lazy to even think of exercising after my dinner meal. I feel out of control during periods and this past 3 days with my period's having returned I am feeling extra anxious and powerless over my body.

Exercising is a routine i stick to after dinner most nights. So since I did not do any exercise after dinner today I am feeling anxious, bloated, and a bit numb on the inside...

Thank goodness for my hearing restoration but i feel guilty about feeling the deep hunger for some extra rich desserts. I will try and think healthy thoughts and perhaps I will make my new sig other take home the foods I feel guilty about eating and thus he will be The White Knight to save me from my next, Oncoming, Pre-Planned FOOD FRENZY.

I don't think you should feel

I don't think you should feel guilty about that, and I hope you are going well now!

I felt something like this

I felt something like this when I had a severe case of canker sores all over my mouth. I could not eat at all normally for over a week. I just ate some soft food, which was also extremely painful. And when it was finally over, I ordered my favorite food and just enjoyed them for several days. I think it’s natural because I lost weight significantly this week and have become significantly weaker. So far, nothing has happened to my hearing, but I want to take a hearing test near me ( soon to find out how things are going on. I don’t want to be deaf in my 50s, and I want to take preventive measures.