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Binge eating

Hi all,

I have recently realised I have an eating disorder, binge eating. I think ive had it for quite a few years. I used to only binge when i was stressed or upset, but now its all the time and i cant stop. I hide it from my partner and others in my life.

Today within half an hour I binged on one snack. I couldnt stop myself doing it.

I have been under a lot of stress recently and im pretty sure this is related. I have signed up for counselling but on a waiting list.

I always thought with things like this, the hardest partnwas admitting you have a problem and knowinf what has caused it. I know both of things but still cant stop. Does anyone have any advise?

For reference i am 33, a mum of 1 and live in the UK.


Welcome to the forums, this is a safe space to share and we are glad you are posting! We are sorry to hear you're feeling this way, but NEDA is here for you. We did want to let you know that we had to edit your post to remove calories, which can be triggering for others. This violates our community guidelines, you can review them here. Keep posting!  

hi! i know im going through

hi! i know im going through the same thing! i am hiding it from everyone in my life and it is stating to take over! you're worth recovery its okay you got it!


i don't know what caused my binge eating, and i dont know how to find out what caused it... can you help?