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Menstruation and Recovery

Is it possible that you can hit your set weight range and not get your period back? If you are in a healthy weight range but haven't gotten your period and doctors keep pushing for more weight restoration because you haven't gotten your period yet, what happens then? Does that happen? I'm having a hard time trusting the doctors right now.

Yeah, I have been within the

Yeah, I have been within the healthy weight range for 2-3 months and only just got my period back- I was told to stop gaining weight a couple of months ago. However some people get their periods back before they have reaced a healthy weight or straight away when they have. Everyone is different; I think if your doctor wants you to gain weight then you should- even if you don't think you need to. You may still have body dismorphia so it probably a good idea to trust someone else with you weight for now. Hope this helps :)

Oh that is so reassuring to

Oh that is so reassuring to hear. Thank you soo much!! I'm still really struggling with how I see myself and the concept of refeeding and gaining weight. I would love to get my period back if it meant I could start eating normal portions! Thanks again for your help. (:

Menstruation Triggering

I have recently gotten my period back and I'm having a hard time dealing with it. The thought of getting it again is very triggering for me... this seems so bizzare. Is it normal for me to be feeling this way? In some way I feel out of control when I have it, and I don't know how to cope with the feeling. It seems like I should be happy that my body is starting to maintain a healthy function... but I feel terrible about it. Any advice?

Same here

When I got my period back, I felt kind of happy at first in a yay-my-body-isn't-screwed-up kind of way, but that went away really fast. It was really hard to cope with the fact that I had to let go of my obsession, and accept my weight, and I also felt like I had lost control. Eating disorders are all about control, controlling what and how much you eat, controlling exercise, and controlling your appetite. Recovery is about letting that go a bit, and for me it was really stressful to eat things without counting calories, and getting my period back was this glaring sign that I had lost most control over what I ate. However, recovery is a process, and it does get better.


I got my period back about a month after I started to eat correctly, but before I had gained much weight back. However, its absence was fairly short-lived in total, and I think it depends partly on how long your period was gone for. If you only skipped a couple, you're more likely to get it back fairly quickly after correcting your diet, whereas a long absence can mean things will take awhile. If your doctor believes your current weight is healthy, there's no reason to keep gaining to get your period, unless you go a very long time at a healthy weight without your period returning, and your doctor advises you to gain a little more.

Same here

I realize this thread was old but I found it when looking for assurance in recovery. This is the same with me. I lost my period about two weeks ago and when I slowly started to almost eat a healthy amount, it came back instantly without any weight gain or caloric surplus. It makes me feel as though I need to stop increasing my calories because my body is functioning and I really am still at a rather low BMI. I was of the understanding that I would need to be weight restored in order to get it back... But I am not. I am kind of confused. And I know every body is different but I have lost weight since regaining it and yet it still is here regularly and heavy.

I didn't get my period back

I didn't get my period back for about a year after I was at a healthy weight. My doctors never pressured me into gaining more than they thought I need to though. I think I was probably a rare case, but regardless it came back eventually and the never pressured me to gain more. Trust the doctors, they know what they are doing.

when are my periods coming back ?

I have been living with anorexia and boulimia for about 2 years because... I rather not say the cause of it. However since 7 months now I am eat healthy again, and I am really enjoying life and food ... especially food !! I've gained weight and I feel so damn good about it !! Really, I am full of joy ! However, even though my eating disorders are behind me, in the past... but they come back when I find myself after each month without any sign of my periods ( i got them when I was 13 years... ). I would actually hoped that they'll be back now by the time. But no. Right now, I'm taking a lot of tests with my doctor, waiting for an answer. Could somebody help me ? Or advice me please ? I feel desperate... Thank you

Hi laerkounette,

First of all, congratulations on your recovery! It's incredible that you've come so far and I'm so glad to hear that you're doing well :) the loss of periods is very common with eating disorders, but everybody's body is different. Some people regain their period relatively quickly, and it takes much longer for others. It's good that you're working with a doctor about the issue just to make sure everything is okay, but these things really vary. I'm sorry that I can't provide you with much of a concrete answer for this specific question, but I hope this has helped!


worried about periods

I have been in weight recovery for over a year now, and although not quite at a healthy weight yet, I'm worried my periods will never come back as I haven't had one in more than 3 years and that I will just have to keep gaining, I don't know what BMI they should return at? I really want to get it back because it shows I'm healthy once again but I'm getting stuck at the last bit of weight. I want to do it, but I can't make myself at the moment. Does anyone have any advice?

Hi tils123,

I'm not a doctor so I can't provide you with medical advice, but I can tell you that it's pretty common to lose your period when struggling with an ED, and it comes back at different times for everybody. I can't give you an exact BMI that it'll come back at because it's completely different for every person. I would definitely recommend bringing this up to your doctor though, and possibly your therapist too if you're currently seeing one.

My experience

Hi! I completely understand your situation. I've been struggling with an eating disorder for two years now but only realized about a year ago when i reachd my lowest weight. It has been really hard, specially dealing with my parents. My mom is comprehensive about it but my father has put me through a lot of preassure. After a year and a half without my period, my doctor suggested me to take pills to make it come back. After i took the pills i menstruated artificially, as i like to call it, and after to months i had my period again. To my surprise, it came again after two months and repeated the following. This made me and my parents very happy. I am now on the limit weight as i have recently lost some weight. My fear is that my period wont come back this month. If it doesnt come this week i'll be in serious trouble. I now my parents wont scold me but i know i'll be letting them down.

re: My experience

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Is it okay to binge recovering from anorexia? Period?

Hi, I am recovering but have now reached a somewhat normal weight for my height but my eating disorder counceller and my mom want me to gain like weight or until my period comes back still, I am a healthy weight and didn't have them regularly in the first place, I have read that some people didn't get there's back for months and my mom says I have to keep gaining until I get it, so since I am at normal weight for averedge people and still need to gain could I get overweight? What do I do? Also while trying to gain more so this process will be over I have found myself binging a lot, and while sometimes it's cause I feel like I need it, sometimes I just can't help it and I eat to the point where I feel sick, I think it's because I got so used to trying to eat a lot to gain I'm having trouble getting into a more normal diet again what do I do? Is this normal? I'm sorry for all the questions.. Thanks:)

Long wait for menstrual cycle to come back

Hello! I have been in recovery for more than two years and I still haven't gotten my period back. I have been at a healthy weight during my recovery and have maintained it up to today. I am really concered about my period coming back because there have been no signs and I have been to a gynecologist and have been on prescribed hormones. Is there something that I'm missing, or does my body simply need more time to recover? I would really appreciate some tips and advice! (:

See a Female Specialist like an OBGYN and ask them?

When i lost weight my periods were irregular but I never considered the fact that i had also PCOS a female problem where my cysts would block the normal monthly flow of menses. Then every 2 months had 1 and twas a very heavy 1. It had nothing to do w/ Not weighing enough but that I was cursed w/ Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome.

I encourage you to visit your Dr and get a referral unless you dont need 1, and then see the OBGYN for an exam. If they suspect this you will need tests like an Ultra Sound to examine the size of any irregular growths blocking flow of blood.

I am wondering if fad diets trigger these irregular female growths? That's a Medical Thesis in itself, oh well.

Good luck and please see a Dr just to be safe.

Have Never Had A Period

I just turned 16 and have never gotten my period.
My eating disorder started when I was 13-14 years old and I hadn’t gotten my period yet. I was in and out of treatment up until about 8 months ago. I’ve recently reached the weight I was previous to my eating disorder, and feel happy and good. But I have not gotten my period. I’ve met people who’s periods have taken months to come back, but I don’t know what to think. I’ve always been small and have not grown since then, my BMI is healthy, I feel good overall, but my period is missing. Should I be worried or wait it out?

Not menstruating yet but just reached a healthy weight

I'm so unhappy all the time. I just want this whole thing to be over SO BADLY and feel NORMAL and eat like all my friends. I have reached my weight range, and so was able to leave the intensive outpatient program. My vital signs were healthy as well. But it has only been two weeks since being at a healthy weight. Now I am in an entirely different program, and my new therapist is saying it doesn't matter if I'm in my "range" if I haven't gotten my period back. She says I must keep gaining more weight until I get my period. But I don't think it will come back right away- I lost it for a year and a half. I am stressed all the time, am a vegetarian, and when I lost my period I had only just gotten it and it was very irregular. I have said all of this to my therapist but am still being forced to gain weight above the range my doctor and nutritionist for the past eight months have told me is what I need based on my heart, hormone levels, and growth in the past. I already have very negative body image but can live with my body if I know I am not past my range. I can't stand being forced to keep gaining until I start menstruating. It has only been a dozen or so days and it won't come right away even if I'm at a healthy weight (which I am because that is what the doctor and nutritionist have said)! I have told my parents and therapist all of this but they keep shaking their head.

And I want this to change!

And I want this to change!


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When should i get my period after my ED?

I am 14. when I was 12, I came down with anorexia. I don't really like thinking about this, especially as it was a very painful time in my life. I have reached my healthy weight but it wobbles a bit. However, I'm starting to get worried because it's been two years since I was underweight and I still haven't gotten my period. puberty had started beforehand but nothing else has changed since then and I don't think that is normal...
I have tried doing some research but I cant find anything and I hope someone on here will have the answer..?