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overcoming a trigger

I'm working in baby steps toward recovery from orthorexia/EDNOS and I've been progressing very well and have honestly been proud of myself. I've gained some weight since starting this recovery journey in July and have since been in a relationship with someone I love very much. I know they love me as well and love my body for how it is. They have never had an eating disorder and has been naturally slim and muscular for all of his life. The other day, he made a comment regarding his own body and how he noticed his stomach is "chubby", which ultimately triggered me. I'm very private with my eating disorder and he apologized for his insensitivity and really thought about how that affected me. Despite his compliments of my body, ever since this happened (last night) I have felt so bad about myself and don't want to hold onto this because it's done and over with. I just feel so upset with myself knowing that I have belly fat now because of my recovery weight gain and that I used to have a flat stomach that he will never get to see, even know he met and fell in love with me with the body I have now. Does anyone have any tips on how to combat triggers or situations like this?

Thank you, much love and peace xoxo


Welcome to the forums! It's great that you are posting and we are here for you! We did want to let you know that we had to edit your post to remove weight numbers, which can be triggering for others. This violates our community guidelines where you can check them out here. Keep posting!