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found a supplement in moms closet

I was grabbing a pair of heels my mom said I could borrow for this thing I had with my friends so I went into her closet and grabbed the heels but while I was in there I found a box. As a curious kid I wanted to know what was in the box and it was a supplement with excessive calories and protein in little cup and it looked like about 4/10 were gone. I stole the box because I’m scared of her using it on me because she already has before. I feel like I’ve been lied to and my head now hurts trying to think what food she could of put it in and when she put it in without me noticing. The amount of trust I lost in her because she lied to me but is fighting the part of me that knows she is only trying to help me.

What Will you do with this New Supplament?

Do you plan to ask your mom what is she using it for? Or do you know for sure she has been using it on you? Sometimes if a meal is to runny they have thickening powder to make the food easier to eat. Perhaps this is a warning that you and mom need to talk more so you may build a better trust between one another?

Good luck in your recovery.