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Loss of Thirst and Craving Certain Foods

So I haven't been hydrating lately. I haven't felt thirsty, and my energy is really low. I met a new Messaging pal on a web site a week or so ago. Chatting online has been fun. Frustrating when someone doesn't acknowledge that they received my message....

I am feeling very uncomfortable in my body right now. I looked in the mirror today while selecting some donation clothes, and I am very disappointed in the image in the mirror which I am staring at.

Thanks to no gym or pools to work out at, I’m struggling to feel good about the changes to my body over the past 16 months.
I have lost my appetite again after today's reflection check. I have had time to walk around a few blocks daily, but this type of routine is just Not cutting it for me.

This makes me feel both disappointed as we'll as feeling depressed and lifeless.

I began a new supplement regime using Ginseng, and Mood Booster of St. John's Wort but they don't seem to be helping me yet. I am still working up to the directed daily dosage. I hope later today I will be more energetic, and my mood more elevated too.

Oh well got to go for my walk. It's chilly outside so I walk b4 it gets too frigidly cold outside for even taking a walk tonight.

Bye everyone, take care and be well.

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