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Are there any good FBT apps?

I am looking for a good FBT-friendly app to help me track my 16-yo daughter's food intake so she can gain weight. Is there such a thing?

Here's the back story: She developed atypical anorexia at age 14 and began FBT shortly after turning 15. At age 16, she seemed to be stable and doing well in recovery, even though she was a little short of the goal weight. Unfortunately, her anorexia has become a pro at fooling herself, us and her therapist. We just found out she's been hiding food and skipping breakfast for months. She's now losing weight again.

The biggest roadblock in her recovery is our inability to help her gain weight, even while monitoring X meals, X snacks. We spent many months in active therapy and were hardly able to get her to gain any pounds. We measured our success in ounces. To complicate matters, she's hyper-metabolic with multiple food sensitivities.

I'm so tired and frustrated and overwhelmed by this disorder. I fear what will happen if she can't fully recover by the time she turns 18. That's less than a year and a half away.

We're going to run back into therapy ASAP, but I need a way to make sure I'm getting enough calories in her to help her gain weight. Any advice?


Hi km92653, welcome to the forums! We’re sorry your daughter has been struggling, but we are so glad you’re here. Unfortunately, we had to edit some of your post as it included numbers of pounds, meals, and snacks which are not allowed on the forums. Additionally, users are not allowed to promote outside treatment/recovery tools, so we are unable to recommend what you are looking for. You can read about these guidelines here: We hope you understand, and again, welcome!

Thank you!

That's OK, I really appreciate any guidance.


I think you should enroll her in s higher level of care, ie hospital, residential treatment, day programs. Unfortunately, loved ones aren't always equipped to be able to truly be able to fully help a sufferer the way they need. It sounds like having more professionals involved could really be helpful. I'm sorry she's struggling, but recovery is possible. I struggled for 30 years, and I've finally recovered may 29th.

Thank you!

Thank you for the advice and encouragement. It's good to know we have options.

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