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Ready to move past this

Hello I've been working on this problem for a while now. It has been over 3 years with bulimia on and off. Absolutely no-one knows about this situation of mine. I havent experienced any major problems because of this, but am exited to move past this. I am 18 years old and I am gay. I know this is not treatment, but am looking forward to talk to people on similar circumstances and hear advice and how you are dealing with it. I have a therapist and even having a deep trust in her I do not want to tell her about this since I dont feel comfortable with sharing any of this with her, since I am very concearned about not being able to go back to the US and continue college if I tell her. I really want support and advice on how to procede since going back to college if really important to me, and I would do everything possible for me to return. I know my parents will support me in every step of the way, but i'd rather not tell them for now. I think my bulimia is not that bad, since I could go from one to three weeks without purging without purging, but it also comes in waves I could be fine for one or two months until it stikes again.

Hey M,

So what do you think the situation is, or the concerns are, that triggers you to purge?

"I don't want to get fat" is what a lot of people would say, but I mean emotionally deeper than that. Like what would "fat" symbolize to you ?

Some people might say "It would mean that I'm not in control of my life."

Which is a different concern than "fat", if you follow what I mean ?