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eating by faith

Hi. I am really excited and thankful. After seeing NEDA put our the COVID help giving support groups that are available I finally took a look and found this group that starts tomorrow, Monday. It is free and faith based which is perfect for me. I am very excited about this as I will be able to share my faith and how God helps me with my recovery. I am doing okay but could use some support. I am amazed at how God is meeting my needs. I started back to work last week and visited a former client today and had so much fun. I gave her a foot bath using an electric machine. I put in only a tiny amount of liquid body wash and for twenty minutes we both laughed and laughed as the bubbles grew and grew and didn't stop no matter how many times I pulled them away. Such fun. I will probably start back with her one day a week.

SO that is my good news. Also keeping a food journal has me aware that I am not overeating/binging as much as I thought I was. Another good thing.

I hope you all had a good weekend. Take care


Our silly brains

I’m really glad you found a group that’s such a good fit!! And it sounds like you had some healing laughter today :)

I found the same thing with feeling like I was overeating but realizing I’m actually not. Our brains try to play tricks on us sometimes, be we use skills such as journaling and are able to see things more clearly.
Love, Braveheart


Oh it was such fun after being cooped up for so long. I was there way longer that expected but I just couldn't leave. She has a chiowow not the correct spelling by any means!! She is smaller than my dog but weighs about the same. My dog I can scoop her up in one arm but she isn't small enough that I hurt her too much if she gets underfoot. The other dog is tinier and can get hurt more easily but is stockier. So the two of them had at it with each other. Her dog thought she could take my dog down but she didn't know that my dog always is BOSS. So it was fun watching them interact. Kinda like me and my sister at times!!!))) One thinks the other is an easy take out but when push comes to shove, not literally, we both back down. Not my Marci. She is BOSS DOG. As far as my friend, for that is what she has become, we certainly had fun. I am going to be put back on her caseload tomorrow most likely even though it puts me over the hours I want to work. It won't be work though. If you know what I mean.

How are you? I think that by writing down what I am eating it is helping me to not overeat. There are times I am definitely over doing it. I had to ask my father to not bring over junk from the food pantry no matter how much I beg him. I took a bag of something from his car and then had to call him to tell him I stole from him. That is what it was. He said I shouldn't have done that, it wasn't mine. I said I KNOWWWWWWWWW> that is why I am asking you to forgive me and I didn't have to tell you but I did and I am sorry. He forgave me. I felt really bad but I am better now and it is forgiven. I am doing much better since starting the new medication. I am going to call the pharmacist and ask if a med can work that quickly, it has only been three days.

Anyway, glad you can see that you are not overeating. I am sorry that you are so uncomfortable in your body. It must be very difficult not to be able to move around without pain. I thank God that my pain has gotten better this past week or two. A true miracle. Love chatting with you, friend.

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