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I made a mistake

So tonight my family was having dinner together, but I was making something separate. I usually only use half of X food to make it, but today I wasn't paying attention and I guess I just used all of it! Now I feel really guilty for eating a whole one because I know they have a lot of calories. I feel bad. I am still ruled by calories. Today in the store I couldn't decide what to get as a snack because it all had so many calories, I eventually settled with something lower calorie. Not only that, but my grandpa bought me the wrong kind of beverage, the kind he bought has x2 as many calories as the one I buy and I feel like just dumping it down the sink. Anyone have any advice?

Edited your post

Hi Miggi – we edited your post to remove mentions of specific food items, which are not allowed on the forums. You can review this in our community guidelines found here. Thank you for understanding and please continue to post!

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