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I have had a lot of anxiety lately. Eating is difficult. I’m not happy with my life. Things are difficult. I’m coping by restricting and taking too much of my anxiety medicine so that I can sleep. I feel terrible about myself.


Hi there. I really sorry you are having such a difficult time with anxiety. It is very challenging time. Even those who do not have an eating disorder or diagnosis are struggling right now.
Are you able to get out for a walk? I color mandala's. I find it helpful to focus on these while listening to a teaching or a book on tape. Do you have anything like this to occupy your mind and time? I am sorry for this difficult time. I know that we can get through this because we have Jesus. It is still challenging but Jesus promises He will help us. Please be careful with your medication. They won't fill it early and you may have a tough time if that happens. Also it isn't safe. Please keep posting. I have to go for now


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Dear Blue44

We are sorry to hear you are struggling right now and want to remind you that you can always reach out to the NEDA helpline at 800.931.2237,  M-TH 11am-9pm ET and 11am-5pm ET. If you feel that you are in crisis do not hesitate to text “NEDA” to 741-741. Stay strong and take care!

It’s a struggle at night.

At night is when I really struggle with wanting to take more than a dose of anxiety medicine. I am trying to distract myself but it’s not working.
Thanks iwanttolive And Admin moderator for your support.

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