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I am scared of it

I went to the dietitian awhile ago because I had to and she told me that I had to drink TWO ENTIRE CUPS OF MILK A DAY!! (She told me to have two servings of calcium a day.) And at first I was so stressed, because even a little bit more calories makes me panic. So, I was like, oh okay let's start slow and start with one. And me and my grandpa agreed. So, I would fill half with milk and half with water. And for a few days, I stopped drinking it all together and my grandpa noticed I hadn't opened the milk for like two weeks he told me that everyday he was going to watch me drink it TWICE. I felt a lot more comfortable with just one. Needless to say I am very stressed. I feel so watched and monitored. I even have to do routine weigh ins.

My brother is now studying in

My brother is now studying in the the kitchen. I feel like i'm being constantly monitored when I try to eat, it makes me not want to, and I almost didn't today.

Same, I told my parents

Same, I told my parents recently of my ED and it's extremely awkward at the table now because (I feel) they're trying to watch me closely without me noticing. But without them I don't think I'd eat normally, so having someone forcing me actually helps although I am extremely uncomfortable. Remember that progress isn't always easy, oftentimes its through pain and being in difficult situations that we (I guess, are forced to) grow. Praying for you Miggi.

Maybe use this as an

Maybe use this as an opportunity to prove your dedication to recovery. If they’re watching (or if you feel like they are) show them! Show them you CAN do this! Show them that there is no reason to watch! Prove to them and yourself that you can recover. They’re not judging you; they’re just doing this because they care. They’re worried about you, and they love you. They know you’re worthy and deserve recovery, and they want to do what they can to help you get there. Show them that you can do this, and they will know. And you will know. Because you can.

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