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Struggling with flashbacks

Right now I'm struggling with some flashbacks of my dad doing unspeakable things to me as well as when the uber driver telling me my disability was not his problem. I want to skip dinner.


I'm really sorry. I totally understand and I totally relate. Maybe you can try to realize that if you skip dinner you're letting them win. But I also understand how hard it is not to give in. Just do what you can.


Thank you. I appreciate it.

Able to eat

I was able to eat dinner, but still struggling with the aftermath of all that's been done to me. Hope others are doing well.

I’m really glad you were able

I’m really glad you were able to eat dinner. Flashbacks are horrible and the feelings can linger a while afterwards too. I’m so sorry for what you’ve lived through. You didn’t deserve any of what happened to you. I’m here for you.

Thank you so much

And it sucks because I can't be in this choir at church. There's no handicap accessibility. I can't really walk up stairs, let alone 40, every week. So someone in a wheelchair wouldn't be able to be in the choir. No elevator, no ramp.


Hi Savedbygrace-

I'm sorry that you are struggling with flashbacks- but am glad you were able to eat dinner. That is really upsetting about not being able to be in the choir :( Keep us posted on how you're doing, we're here for you <3

Mixed feelings

It's the weirdest thing. I'm suicidal but happy at the same time but sentimental but sad at the same time.


Hi Savedbygrace – we’re so sorry to hear you’ve been struggling this weekend. Since you mentioned some concerning feelings, we wanted to make sure you have access to resources if you need to reach out for support:·      Crisis Textline: Text "NEDA" to 741-741 or·      National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Call (800) 273-8255 or·      IMAlive: Call (800) 784-2433 or·      Dial Help Inc.: Call (906) 482-4357 or Text (906) 356-3337 or www.dialhelp.orgPlease continue posting and take care.