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Hi! I appreciate everyone's helpful advice, support and useful resources pertaining to recovery. However, I get very challenged by always hearing "recover IS possible." I don't understand how. Ive been eating and exercising in a moderate way- reaching out to friends, seeing my professional support team, but everyday remains a conscious fight. I do not feel comfortable at this weight etc! So I was interested in finding out HOW recovery is possible. My therapist suggested I get in touch w the national rating foundation and get into their mentor/mentee program. I'm desperate to speak to someone in full happy recovery about their specific experience, not in generalities. Obviously, I understand my recovery will look different, but it may still be helpful. Left them a msg yesterday. I'll keep you all posted!

Happy Thursday!


Hi mameegan,

I’m very glad that you are finding helpful support, advice, and resources from the forums here and the NEDA website. However, I am sorry if you have felt challenged in an additional way from people telling you that recovery is possible. Answering the question of “how” recovery is possible is a tough one and one that I am not qualified to answer. Everyone is different and the professional support team that you have are the most qualified to answer that question and help you to get there.

When people say that recovery is possible, it is meant to just remind you of that fact when maybe there are times where you don’t believe that to be true. Even though every day is still a conscious fight for you, that doesn’t mean that recovery is out of reach. It isn’t. I hope that you will continue to find the strength to keep that fight up and that it keeps getting easier for you.

I can’t comment on that mentor program that you mentioned, but if your therapist thinks it is a good idea and you think that it would help to talk more specifically about things, then I encourage you to look into it. I hope that you find what you are looking for.

Thank yiu

Just to clarify- I greatly appreciate people's perspective and reminder the recovery is possible- I wholeheartedly believe it is too!!
I'm looking to hear details of someone's journey. I think that would be a helpful new approach in mine.


Maybe you've already stumbled upon them, but if you haven't, you should take a look at the stories of hope published on NEDA's website!

Each person writes about how recovery was possible for them, and maybe it will provide you with some hope that it can be possible for you too :)