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trying to dig out of this hole

Not really feeling great physically or emotionally. I see my medical doctor today and tomorrow my therapist and Thursday my psychiatrist I feel we are going to come up with some kind of plan for me whether it means hospital or not I think I may have to speak up too and say what I think. I am not sure what I think really just sort of know I am in a bad spot and have to get out of it.


just be honest with yourself and with your team. you deserve it and they need to know.


Hi Hermione3-

Let us know how it goes with seeing your treatment team the next few days- I second the suggestion to be honest. You deserve the support you need right now to get yourself to a healthier place. We're here to support you <3

Thanks for the support. I saw

Thanks for the support. I saw my doctor last night and got blood work this morning. My doctor was calling what I did in a way I don't describe it I just say I did something stupid. I was a bit overwhelmed and I was as honest as I could be I see my therapist tonight I will talk to her I am a bit anxious for this appointment. She wanted me to see my doctor and I did so step one down that my therapist asked. I am trying to just get on track and dig out of this whole.


I can understand being anxious about the appointment but I'm glad you are following your therapist's suggestions and have that support. I feel confident that you will be able to get through this- you have been through so much and come so far, and I believe you can do it <3 Lean into your support and keep being open and honest with where you're at. Keep us posted.

Thanks for the support my

Thanks for the support my therapy session was awful she is basically like you are not doing the work and have to change things or we are just doing one session a week just to check in and that is it. she is done. so I don't know how I feel it should make me want to change but I am just so hurting and its like I know we have done this before but its different. but she doesn't see it that way. I think she said basically I am a liability at this point as well and she doesn't want to worry about me. it just sucks. she should have just sent me to the hospital...

That sounds so hard. I’m

That sounds so hard. I’m sorry you have to deal with so much pain right now. I think part of it may be your therapist trying to get you to advocate for yourself. To make the difficult decisions that you know you need to make. It seems like you are leaving it up to them whether you’re taken care of or not, and that’s why she’s saying you’re a liability. That being said, that is an awful way to go about that. To deny you support that you need. It makes me sick to hear you are being treated that way. You are deserving of care and support. But remember too that sometimes you have to ask for it. You can’t leave your life in someone else’s hands, because at the end of the day, you are in charge of you. If you think she should’ve sent you to the hospital, you do it. You have that power! You have that right. And you can make those tough decisions that are right for you in the long run. You can regain control of your life. If it helps, maybe look at it objectively. Instead of seeing it as admitting yourself to the hospital (or following your meal plan or whatever you need to do) think of it as you being your own therapist. If things are feeling overwhelming and like you need more support, you send yourself to the hospital. You have the power to save your life. And I know you can do it.
Stay strong, and know that we are always here for you.

Thanks for the support. It

Thanks for the support. It was a difficult session we have those she feels she has taken me as far as she can take me like she has given me the tools I have to use them. I understand what she was getting at and maybe I do have to make the tough decision. She is usually much more caring I think she is just at a spot with me where she is worried and she is just not wanting to lose me and that is happening. I see my psychiatrist tonight so hopefully that will go well. I am doing book club at my apartment next week so I am going to push myself but if I feel I need to go to the hospital I will. I have a lot of work to do at work but if I get to the point I have been I will admit myself. which is scary but I will do it I am like waiting for permission.


i agree with julesthefox. stick up for yourself. determine what you truly need and do what you need to do in order to get the help you deserve. it sounds like you know you need the hospital and your therapist may be waiting for you to make that decision to show her that you are willing to get that help. it does sound like a harsh way to do it, and maybe she's just trying to show you some tough love. (which can be the hardest type to accept) here for you always and hoping things work out for you


Here it is: I give you permission to admit to the hospital.