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Quick word of encouragement?

Recovery hasn’t been easy but I’ve been forcing myself to eat (restricting a little bit for my sanity but still going over my caloric needs). I’m with extended family so it’s been a bit easier to meet my requirements but I’ve been so stressed. My parents made me get ice cream with them today (I’m sure one day I’ll be grateful for that but now I just feel sick, stressed, and low key angry). My cousin is making pizza tonight and I’m sure it will be really good but I just feel gross. I don’t want to disappoint anyone tonight but I know I will.

Good luck tonight, and I know

Good luck tonight, and I know you have probably tried this before, but try distracting yourself while you eat so you don't think about how you feel, but still eat at the same time. Hope things go well, Elvira. Give us and update later (or whenever you want) on how things went!



I did my best but I’m still under my caloric needs so now I have to eat a snack and now I’m really stressed but i’ll get through it.

You can do it :)

You’re right you will get through it! I know it seems hard now but at the end of the day it’s helping you achieve recovery. It’s what you need to do to nourish your body with what it needs and deserves

just do your best

that's all anyone can ask of you. my saying for today is strive for improvement, not perfection. hang in there; we're here for you

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