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Another day, another meal

So, today I had another meal and a small version of a snack. I'm starting in gradually so my body doesn't go into shock and also so I can prepare my brain for regular eating. I've been really doing well and very little anxiety at all about the eating today. For which I'm very grateful. I know that this is because Jehovah God has given me the confidence I need, knowing that he is giving me the strength that I need as well. I have found that the thing that was worrying me the most and also the thing that was preventing me from being able to eat prior to this was having people's Voices From the Past in my head constantly telling me not to eat. And also they would tell me that if I did eat to compensate for it. So instead of just telling them to shut up and saying I wasn't going to listen to them I realized I had to listen to someone else. That someone of course is God. As well as my own mind. I'm reclaiming my power. It sounds kind of weird to say that because I've never had any power of my own to begin with so I'm just claiming my power for the first time ever. And it feels great. I was really worried that my trauma issues were going to screw up all of this and they haven't been an issue. It's as if because I'm not doing what their voices told me to do, they're not going to hurt me anymore with other trauma related things. And I really hope all of this is allowed to be said, moderators. I know this is a tricky issue and I don't want to trigger anybody but it really goes to the entire reason for my eating disorder and for my success today and the past two days. So I hope all of this is okay to be said, and I am just so grateful for yet another success. And I thank everybody for the support I've been getting.


Thank you so much for sharing your success Alwaysthinking- I am so glad to hear about your progress the past few days, and that you are working through such difficult issues and leaning into God for strength and healing <3 Praying that He will continue to reveal to you how incredibly worthy you are as you continue to challenge voices from the past- and that you would cling to what God says about you as well as His victory- He is fighting your battles <3 You got this! So excited for you-- keep us posted!


I am glad to hear that you were able to eat. Keep up the good work. I’m thinking of you.

Hi, alwaysthinking!

Hi, alwaysthinking! Your post was edited a tiny bit to remove meal specifics some might find triggering. Thank you for your mindfulness and for checking in with us in your initial post - please keep posting!

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