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So, I got creative. Since I'm pretty sure the eating Treatment Center is not going to accept me, and I really don't want to go into a hospital at all since I have an upcoming vacation, I am determined to be able to start eating again. I have a plan as to how to do this of course I can't detail it on here. But my biggest issue was whenever I ate I wanted to take a laxative. So tonight I got creative. I put my laxatives in a plastic bag and I made a ceramic Apple around it. I work with Clay a lot and so now it is encased in clay and it will soon Harden and I will paint it and it will be a nice little ceramic for me. In order to get to it, I will have to smash it and that will make a mess and I'm a neat freak and I don't like making messes. I know this is not a foolproof solution but it's better than what I've been having. So I'm proud of myself and so is my best friend. Everybody take care. I'm going to bed. And I'm hopeful for tomorrow because I plan to eat!


Great job on being creative! That was a good idea. I hope that you are able to eat today. Maybe you can use your upcoming vacation as motivation to eat. Take care.

Try making a few recovery

Try making a few recovery rules! IN treatment we learned that a lot of us like following rules, which is why we were good at our ED's. But perhaps coming up with recovery rules will help on the other side of the spectrum.


WENT TO PREVUE AND THEY DISAPPEARED. SORRY. NO ENERGY TO REWRITE THEM. But remember I wrote about my experience with laxatives but that being for my severe, chronic constipation. Oh, yes and how there are short periods of time when I'm o.k. and don't need them and am SOOOO grateful. Must fight to have a food eating satisfying day. No deviations or I become lost. CC

No worries

No worries CC. Maybe don't hit preview and just go to save next time. Then read it and if you don't like something hit edit

Yes, ATK we're on the same wave length

Gonna do that from now on. Even though exhausted I got a 2nd wind before lunch and did a brisk 1/2 walk on the soft grassy ground. Good food at lunch but too much of some of the items. Would like to give myself portions like they give you in fancy expensive restaurants. CC


Sending you hugs. Hope you will be okay soon.

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