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1 Day w/o taking a supplement and extra nervous

So I took my full dose of my supplement but went a day w/o my other one. My stomach feels way too bloated already. Haven't exercised enough and have gained --- pounds over the weekend. That means I did a lot of damage to the scale binging after work at night over my weekend after retail madness ended...All weekend.

Now feeling bloated and have been forcing myself to exercise after my day job as having had a few days off from my night job to exercise and not binge eat at night. After exercising feel extra relieved and not that hungry, thank God.

My 3rd week at my semi-long term sub assignment. Actually enjoying my temporary sub job assignment. Wish I received all the attention all these students get from being placed in Special Ed classes. Perhaps I would have become something more than a substitute teacher @ best.

Found out my real bra size is not what I thought it was. Well, I was up to that size in 2007 before lost a bunch of weight. They couldn't figure out my rightful darn bra size. So I read the size chart last night and the chart makes me feel small compared to another bra chart.God am i confused or what.

Debating whether to get junk food this morning or Not. God, no self-control days suck...Think I may go to store after work and p/u Healthy Food?

Bye, all.....

Hi chunkymonkey68, This is

Hi chunkymonkey68,
This is just a friendly reminder to keep weight loss strategies, negative body comments and  specific sizes out of your posts, as these can be triggering to other members. Guidelines are here: Thank you for your post and we hope you continue to post.

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